Total AUDIO-VIDEO is an all-in-one protection suite which offers robust prevention of malware, ransomware and scam scams. In addition, it protects you from spyware and adware and preserves your equipment fast & clean.

The program works in the background and reads every file that is downloaded or exposed on your computer. If this detects virtually any malicious data, it will quickly block these people from being able to access your machine.

It also includes a smart understand feature that could be scheduled to run on a regular basis. It can scan several types of files which includes user web directories, downloaded data files, or fresh ones that you’ve created.

Also you can set it to automatically best vpn ratings block suspicious websites, or dodgy sites that try to acquire your personal info. It has a feature called WebShield that diverts your world wide web searches far from sites which have been considered to be dangerous by the application.

Overall, the merchandise is easy to work with and includes a very useful interface. It is actually available on Windows, Mac and iOS gadgets and offers a free trial version.

Contamination Protection:

The antivirus offers a comprehensive trojans detection system and is ranked as superb in many 3rd party tests. It is particularly good at detecting the most recent Android and Windows viruses.

Customer Service:

The business has a help center with knowledge facets and email support, nonetheless it takes much longer to acquire answers to your questions through the channel than other competitors do.

PC Effectiveness:

It can take a few hours to run a scan with your system, that is annoying if you want to do the job. However , the software truly does scan the device’s ram and hard disk drive space to recognize any system mistakes and programs that are delaying it straight down. It can afterward optimize, clean and delete these kinds of junk what to speed up your pc again.

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